Our procedures to prevent and combat the risk of COVID-19 infection

Dear Guest,
We would like to share with you some procedures, to manage the current health situation. The intention is making your stay as safe as possible, so that you can live it in complete peace of mind. On the basis of the provisions of Annex n.5 – O.P.G.R. Abruzzo n. 59 of 14 May 2020 (Safety protocol for the operation of open-air accommodation facilities, campsites and holiday villages) and following, which recalled the general guidelines proposed by the Faita-Federcamping association to which we adhere, we are committed to preparing specific and strengthening solutions. Our clear intention is to ensure healthy holidays. To achieve that goal, we are offering you more open air spaces, a capillary cleaning, a constant sanitization of common areas and different ways of providing services.

The indications here represent only a part of what will constitute our “Action Plan”. These procedures may be updated or modified according to the evolution of the epidemiological situation. Therefore, never before as this time, in order to protect the health of all we need your precious and unconditional cooperation. Thank you.


Useful app

MyDonAntonio: we recommend downloading our MyDonAntonio APP. This year is particularly useful to receive information about local news, services and animation activities.

Upon arrival to download an additional App to order Frescobar and California chalet products, and pay by credit card on your mobile phone. You will still be allowed to pay in cash or by card to the bar staff., but please respect one-meter distance in queue.

We prefer to deliver to the table or to the beach umbrella, or prepare for takeaway.

The products of the Frescobar and the California chalet will be mostly packaged, avoiding direct handling.


In order to ensure social distancing and to avoid crowding, we have decided that pitches this year will not be occupied by caravans, campers and tents. Our Guests in Lodgings will have more green areas for relaxation and freedom of movement.

Online registration

10 days before your arrival, you have to register your personal details online on your personal account. People coming to stay in campsite must be registrerei on booking system before arriving this year. You can also send a photo of the documents of people staying with you by e-mail, WhatsApp on 085 800 89 28, or by fax on 085 800 61 72.

Payment of the full balance online or by bank transfer is required in advance as well. If you are unable to arrive due to unforeseeable Covid-related issues, you will be refunded the deposit, or the full balance if you have already done so, even for cancellations the day before arrival.

In case of cancellation for other reasons, the deposit will be returned in full, if the cancellation is made within fourteen days of arrival.

Do not forget to register the mobile phone number you will answer during your stay.


Upon arrival, you will stop at the first reception point, upon indication of the staff, where you can temporarily park your car. You will have to pay the first reception staff the sum of € 60 cash as a deposit (€ 50 for the final cleaning of the accommodation and € 10 for the parking key).

It will be given back to you upon departure, if the lodging will be left clean, without any damage. From the cash deposit will be deducted the amount for the tourist tax.

The accommodation is guaranteed ready after 4 PM. Waiting for entering the Lodging, you can spend your time at:
a) Frescobar;
b) Street food;
c) Private beach. Under your umbrella with two sunbeds. Go to the beach assistant, saying your name and surname.

When the accommodation is ready, you will be notified by a phone call from reception. For this purpose, please make sure you registered the mobile phone numbers in your Account area.


We recommend you to call reception during your stay for any communication. To avoid creating queue and gathering in group call our phone number 085 800.8928 or our emergency number 085 4212754 (which you can also find on the MyDonantonio app), or send an e-mail to the following address:


Each Lodging has its own private bathroom.

Public bathrooms will be avaliable at the swimming pool, at the beach, at the street food area.

The public toilets that normally serve guests on the pitch will be closed.

Taking into account the contingent situation and the need to further enhance the standard of cleaning and sanitization:

– usual controls of the sanitary facilities have been carried out, with particular attention to the usual procedures of prevention and fight legionnaires’ disease;
– frequently daily cleaning of all the areas;
– dispensers of sanitizing gel (70% alcohol) at the entrance of each common area;- signs indicating the behavioural norms, worksheet showing the cleaning times and the technical data sheets of the products used hung on walls in common areas;
– mask up is mandatory for everyones in closed common buildings;


At the reopening, as well as at the end of each stay, we will proceed to the ordinary cleaning and sanitization of the rooms and equipment. Our procedures are:

– total air change in a natural way, to reduce/cancel concentrations of specific pollutants (PM10, CO2, odours, biological aerosol, etc.);
– cleaning with water and neutral detergents every surfaces. Disinfection with a solution based on ethyl alcohol (70%) or with products based on sodium hypochlorite of all walkable and touched surfaces (doors, handles, windows, tables, chairs, toilets, etc.);
– cleaning of the air-conditioning system, according to the manufacturer’s instructions with products recognised by the Ministry of Health;
– sanitization of the housing unit and furniture with Airo atomizer. This machine sprays a dry solution based on hydrogen peroxide, declared anti Covid by the OMS.

Inside the Lodging, you will find:
1. The door key
2. TV and air conditioning remote controls
3. Envelopes for organic waste
4. Instructions for subsequent daily cleaning at your expense

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In order to guarantee at least one-meter social distancing, the umbrellas will be placed at the distance required by law.

For your safety, the equipment will be sanitized daily, with products indicated by the OMS.

Each Lodging has assigned one umbrella and two sunbeds, that cannot be moved. The sunbeds must be used with a personal towel.

On the beach and in the Sea, the interpersonal distance must be respected. Exceptions are in case of members of the same familyand/or cohabitants staying in the same accommodation.

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It will be open. The free sun beds will have a determined positions. Before using it, cover with your personal towel. Everyone will keep the same bed during the day.

After use, the staff will provide appropriate sanitation of all the equipments.

On the solarium and also in the water, the interpersonal distance must be respected. Exception are in case of members of the same family and/or cohabitants staying in the same accommodation.

Bar and Restaurant

The Fresco bar and the California chalet will serve products that do not have to be handled. Only packaged ice creams will be available.

In order to avoid crowds and files, you will be able to order and pay through mobile phone App. However, payment by card or cash to the bar staff will be guaranteed.

The Frescobar and the California chalet will close at 11:00 PM.

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Street food

At the Street food area you orde for a take-away or do a Pic-Nic: we recommend a new, bucolic and fun way to eat meals on green grass.

A greater care will be given to the cleaning, disinfection and sanitization of the working environment.

There will be dispensers of sanitizing gel (70% alcohol) in different points of the area. Posters with a reference to behavioural norms will be hung.

Thanks to the wide outdoor available spaces and the street-food formula, we are able to guarantee respect for social distancing.

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The Glu Animation Company has prepared an appropriate program that is able to respect the social distancing and the prohibition of gatherings. It will be based on playful/recreational activity, involving children and adults.

So, green light to… muscle awakening, aperitif game, workshops, quiz games, radio Don Antonio, playground games and much more. Our Village Manager Giuseppe will show you the program on the social networks.

However, it is essential to specify that the miniclub in the classical formula will not be able to be carried out and for the baby dance children must have always a parent nearby for supervising them.

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Why did we choose hydrogen peroxide sanitization?

Hydrogen peroxide is the only biocidal agent composed only of water and oxygen. Its oxidizing power makes it an excellent ally in environmental sanitization. The use of this product is

Effective: it guarantees decontamination and disinfection at 99.99%, thanks to its very small size it can reach and spread over
the entire surface of the treated area.

Natural: it does not contain chemical substances that are present in other products such as, for example, bleach and ammonia.

Eco-compatible: once its action is over, the hydrogen peroxide microparticles are transformed into oxygen. It does not produce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and has zero polluting power.

Safe: its use does not generate humidity and does not corrode, therefore it does not ruin the surfaces with which it comes into contact. Moreover, if used in the correct way it is a non-toxic and non-carcinogenic substance for the operators who carry out the sanitization, nor for all other people.

The hygienic-sanitary behaviour

Guests must comply with the following obligations:

– do not to enter in campsite in case of quarantine measures, in the presence of flu symptoms or body temperature above 37.5°C, or if you come from areas of epidemic outbreaks reported by the Ministry of Health;

– obligation of social distancing of at least one-meter;

– respect of social distancing in all circumstances, including during the use of showers and toilets;

– frequent washing of towels, at least at 60°C;

– personal hygiene measures, paying particular attention to the frequent cleaning and disinfection of the hands, even of children;

– obligation to take a shower immediately after bathing, with special care to clean hands and face;

– mask up and wear gloves, according to the regulations in force;

– parents control of the children is requested always;

– exceptions to physical distancing are in case of persons belonging to the same family nucleus or cohabitants (for this purpose, it is possible to acquire special self-certification);

– PPE (gloves and masks) must be thrown into the undifferentiated collection, closed inside a bag.

Frequently askedQuestions
for your safe vacation!

In these days, many of you are asking us various questions related to Covid.
. Thinking that the answers may be of interest to everyone, we share them with you

In case of impossibility to come to the campsite caused by Covid-19 (if infected or closed borders), you will be refunded of all the amount given if you cancel the booking at least 1 day before the arrival date. The cancellation must be sent in written form, through email or fax.
If you cancel your reservation due to different motivations, you will be refunded only in case of written communication at least 14 days before the arrival date. If the communication is missed or late, the deposit will not be refunded.

Yes, of course. Following the anti-Covid rules, shifts could be staggered or rotated to limit the number of Guests present at the aquatic venue at the same time. Last year the limit was never reached, so the entrance was always guaranteed without shifts. Probably, this summer will happen the same.

Yes, it will. Starting from the past year, the animation activities are reorganised, in accordance with the Anti-Covid protocol. Entertainment will respect the interpersonal distance.
Muscles warm up, aqua gym, aperitif game, yoga and others will be carried out avoiding gathering people in groups and keeping the one-meter interpersonal distance.

Everyday the animation team will play games with kids on the beach, under parental supervision. There is not anymore a fenced minclub area.

Yes, they will be. Only 2 versus 2 players.

The main rules are: wear a mask in common areas, clean the hands frequently, keep at least one-meter interpersonal distance, respect the regulation hanging on the boards, and make your children respect it as well.