The water park "Onda Blu" is ideal for families with children and young people (about km.1).

The towns of the coast, on the bike path

Civitella del Tronto

And its Spanish fortress, monumental architectural work of art, was the last bulwark what fell under the Piedmont troops 1861, while The United Italy was made. Very beautiful as well the suburb with churches from '200 like the one of Saint Francesco and a lot of buildings from the Renaissance.

Il Santuario di San Gabriele

É dedicato al Santo Patrono d’Abruzzo, si trova ai piedi del Gran Sasso in un suggestivo scenario. Riceve ogni anno milioni di pellegrini soprattutto dal Centro Sud. É testimonianza dei moderni stili di architettura sacra, possibile visitare anche l’antico santuario e acquistare souvenir religiosi.

Il Gran Sasso d'Italia

Chiamato “Il gigante che dorme” sfoggia la vetta più alta dell’Appennino con il suo Corno Grande alto m. 2.912. A Prati di Tivo, stazione sciistica invernale, d’estate si fanno passeggiate e si va in cabinovia.


Capital of the province, is a nice town of art. You can recognize the prideful past for the beautiful monuments. In the centre, interesting, you’ll find the Cathedral entitled to the Holy Maria-Assunta and to Saint Berard. Several the archeological sites which prove the lived glory of the town during the age of the Romans, especially during the Empire of Adriano.


Jewel of the National Park Gran Sasso-Monti della Laga, famous for its manufacture of ceramics. Her precious pieces can be admired in the many museums in the world. To visit the Museum of Ceramic, the Art-institute, the Church of Saint Donato who with its ceiling in majolica of 1400 was called "The Sistina of the majolica", the countless workshops where you can buy high-qualified crafts.

Giulianova Alta

Is the old centre of the town. Characteristic due to its antique tiny streets and squares, you can get here from the Lido by the Stair of Monte Grappa, an route what recently has been redecorated and which still keeps the wash-places where the women in antique ages did their washing. In the middle of the most important panoramic square, prevails the statue of Victor Emanuele the Second, who came in this town to have a rest during his journey on the way to Teano for the Historical meeting with Garibaldi. Told by an anecdote, somebody from screams to him: "Majesty, You are a thief" the King surprised, couldn’t even react in time when the brave man added: ”because you stole the hearts of the people of Giulianova”. In high Giulianova is also situated the Sanctuary of the Holy Virgin of the Glory with a well and its water is well-beloved to the popular cult. Because people recount that the Church has been built, after that the Holy Virgin has been appeared for three times in the front of a common man with the name Bertolino.


Located in the National Park Gran Sasso – Mountains of the Laga, is a very nice town of art. The first settlement is from the pre-Roman age, even though the village became important between '300 en '400. It also was the landscape of the family Farnese. Among the monuments they are on the Church of the Holy Maria in Platea, the Holy Staircase and in the suburb of Campovalano, the Church of Saint Petrus and the very antique necropolis.


Queen of the Val Vibrata, located in privileged panoramic position from where you can watch the Adriatic Coast from San Benedetto del Tronto to Pescara. It’s been called the Piazza di Spagna of Abruzzo due to the overshadowing and beauty of the Stair which takes you to the Old Town centre. A matchless charm for its historical buildings, its antique tiny streets, the famous balconies. Colonnella is situated in the centre of a prosperous trading centre where especially products of the land like vine, oil, cheese are of the best quality.

In one day you can reach: Assisi, Cascia, Isole Tremiti, San Giovanni Rotondo, l'Aquila e Roma.

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