Rules for the beach in front of Don Antonio Camping Village in Giulianova. Valid for both the public beach and beach resort.

1. Towers are manned by lifeguards from 9:30am to 7:00pm in July and August, and from 9:30am to 6:00pm in June and September.

2. Please respect "silent time" from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

3. Do not leave personal items, toys, dinghies or bags under beach umbrellas or in other parts of the beach at night. Unattended equipment will be removed.

4. The space under beach umbrellas must be kept tidy and clear of rubbish. Rubbish must be disposed of in the appropriate waste bins to comply with separate collections.

5. It is prohibited to: a) Leave rubbish of any type on the beach unless in the designated waste bins b) Engage in activities that create litter or rubbish, or deface the beach c) Light fires or bonfires

6. You are asked to behave in a correct, respectable manner, and not disturb others.

7. Children must be accompanied to the toilet facilities, games and kids club by an adult. Adults are responsible for the behaviour of children in their care.

8. It is prohibited to play any game either on the beach or in the water (football, beach tennis, bocce, kite flying, etc.) if it would cause damage, be a nuisance to people or disturb the public peace.

9. The use of radios and other loud equipment that disturbs the peace and quiet of others is prohibited. Generally avoid creating noise and be aware if you are causing a disturbance.

10. It is forbidden to set out any equipment between 5 metres from the shoreline and the first row of beach umbrellas.

11. If there are strong winds and/or bad weather the beach umbrellas must remain closed. In the event of this happening, every guest is obliged to follow the instructions of beach staff.

12. Bathing is forbidden in choppy or rough seas, as signalled by a red flag

13. Everyone must look after their own belongings. The management cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage that occurs under the beach umbrellas or on the beach.

14. The kids club, sports grounds and beach entertainment are reserved for Don Antonio guests.

15. Showers are reserved for Don Antonio guests.

16. In the event of damage caused by a guest, the guest is expected to pay compensation for damages.

17. If you choose the public beach you cannot relocate to the beach resort with deck chairs, beach towels or any other personal equipment.

18. Pets are not allowed on the beach.

The following apply to the beach resort only:

19. The beach resort is reserved exclusively for guests of Don Antonio Camping Village. To use the service please contact campsite reception.

20. Hours of use for beach umbrellas are from 9am to 7pm.

21. Beach umbrellas are allocated by and at the discretion of campsite management.

22. Every accommodation unit in Don Antonio has a designated complimentary beach umbrella with a fixed location number that cannot be changed. If you prefer a different location to the one allocated, the beach umbrella chosen will be charged in full.

23. If you wish to book a beach umbrella we require a deposit of 50% of the total cost.

24. Beach umbrellas cannot be booked for a longer period than the booking for the pitch or accommodation unit.

25. Payment must be made in full when you are given the voucher, before the end of the first day of the period booked. The period booked must be paid in full, even in the event of late arrival and/or early departure.

26. In the event of bad weather, the period booked must be paid in full, and no refund will be issued.

27. In the event of cancellation, 90% of your deposit will be refunded if we receive the cancellation in writing at least one month before the start of your stay. If we receive the cancellation in writing at least 15 days before the start of your stay, 80% of your deposit will be refunded. No refund will be issued beyond these terms.

28. If you fail to arrive but have not notified us beforehand, the beach umbrella will be deemed available the next day.

29. If the beach umbrella is vacated before the end, it cannot be given to anyone else. The management has the right to reoccupy any beach umbrella vacated early at its discretion.

30. Each beach umbrella can accommodate the occupants of a single campsite pitch or accommodation unit, whose personal details have been registered at the Don Antonio reception.

31. Sun beds and/or deck chairs situated under beach umbrellas cannot be moved to another location. Guests must not bring their own equipment, extra sun beds, deck chairs or chairs.

32. Sun beds or deck chairs must not be taken from other beach umbrellas and used, even if unoccupied.

33. The management reserves the right to remove anyone causing a disturbance or damage within the resort.

34. Subletting is forbidden.

Guests are required to read the beach rules. Respecting these rules is a prerequisite for visiting both the public beach and the beach resort.

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