"In a community people need rules. They are essential for carrying out a well-according human cohabitation. The consent that we give to norms, is the gauge of our civilization"

Our rules are intended as an integral part of the contract for the reservation of a lodging/of a pitch. Entering in the structure involves accepting our rules by tacit agreement.


Art. 1

a) It's possible to check-in or check-out from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.
b) Upon arrival guests have to show their documents and have to go through the internal rules. They must read our rules and accept them. The reception provides for the data transmission to the police;
c) The camping guests must verify the exactness of the recorded data, communicate possible mistakes, communicate arrivals or departures of the persons and the probable duration of their stay;
d) The camping guests receive campsite identification bracelets and pass for their car, which are not transferable. For security reasons it is compulsory to wear the campsite identification bracelet, it must be shown at the entrance and shown to the staff if requested.
e) In case of reservation, changes in the list of the persons have to be communicated before the arrival.

Art. 2

Guests must inform the reception each time they leave the camping, give back bracelet and pass for the car and pay for the stay till that day. When they return they must inform again the reception and take a new bracelet and a new pass for the car.

Art. 3

The admittance in the structure is subject to the approval of the management team. The management team can expel people who don’t respect the rules.

Art. 4

Driving cars or any other motor vehicle is allowed only on the arrival and departure days for the time needed to load and to unload,

Art. 5

a) Pitches and lodgings will be assigned by the Management. The reservation guarantees the kind of pitch or lodging but not the number or position;
b) Camping guests are not allowed to change the pitch on their own initiative;
c) All the equipments must be put inside the borders of the pitch tidily;

Art. 6

Cars must be parked into the parking. The cars parked out of place will be removed by the tow truck without notice and the cost for this procedure must be paid by the owner of the car.

Art. 7

Caravans which come from the winter storage must be delivered into the hands of the owners, not into the hands of the campsite staff. Finally the owner must personally deliver the caravan to the winter storage staff.

Art. 8

Minors are admitted only if accompanied by their parents, their adult relatives or by authorized adults.

Art. 9

a) The pitch will be assigned after 12.
b) The crew must consist of at least 2 individuals;
c) Every pitch can host up to 6 individuals, including guests. On every pitch is permitted only 1 tent/caravan/motor home even if the pith is large or double. A little tent for 2 persons in addition is permitted if people are no more than 6 and are a family (parents and children).

Art. 10

The accommodation will be assigned after 4.00 pm and must be vacated at 9.00 am on the day of departure.

Art. 11

a) The admittance of visitors is authorized by the management. If allowed, they must give their documents to the reception staff, pay the daily tariff and respect the rules; otherwise they will be cast out of the camping;
b) Camping guests must verify if their visitors have the authorization of the management and are responsible for their behavior inside the campsite;
c) Camping guests who are caught with visitors without authorization will be expelled; the management reserves itself the right to take legal action;
d) Visitors can enter the campsite from 9.00 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00. They are allowed to remain till 22.00.

Art. 12

Outsiders are not allowed.


Art. 13

The tariff of the pitch is per day. In the bill are calculated at least 2 persons, in case of pitch occupied by a motor home, a caravan or a tent without persons, an extra equal to the price of 2 adults will be charged.

Art. 14

The camping guests must leave within 10 a.m. of the day of departure. In case of departure after 10 a.m. another night will be charged.

Art. 15

In case of failed payment, according to the art. 2756 of the Civil Code, the management will keep the caravan or tent in the camping until the outstanding balance.

Art. 16

a) The balance must be paid upon arrival. The amount for the whole booked stay has to be paid even in case of early departure;
b) reserved pitch and beach umbrella cannot be transferred to other people.
c) The Management reserves itself the right to reoccupy pitch or lodging let empty early;
d) The amount for the whole booked stay has to be paid even in case of postponed arrival;

Art. 17

a) Payments or other transactions must be made during the opening hours of the cash desk. Credit cards payments are accepted, cash payments are accepted only if the € 3.000 limit is not exceeded.
b) Upon departure, guests must return all the passes (campsite identification bracelets, pass for the car, etc.) received upon arrival.

Art. 18

The 5% discount granted to the holders of the contracted Camping Cards will be applied only for the Bambi pitches of the west area;


Art. 19

The Management refuses any responsibility for damages to persons or things not due to itself or to the camping staff (e.g. damages caused by natural calamities and accidents) as well for loses or thefts or for valuables not given for safe keeping. Each camper must take care of his/her personal property. Guests participate in games and sports activities organized by the animation staff and use the camping facilities (swimming pool, playground, sports facilities, etc.) at their own risk.


Art. 20

a) Taking part in sports and leisure activities advanced by the animation staff or using the sport and leisure facilities provided by the campsite it presumes to be in good health. Everyone takes part assuming its responsibility.
b) Children/minors can take part just under the responsibility of their parents, or if accompanied by adults.

Art. 21

Children must be accompanied when using facilities, playgrounds and services or when going to the toilet. They must be supervised by their parents or adult relatives, who are directly responsible. The Management assumes no responsibility for children.

Art. 22

a) It’s forbidden to play football, bowls, tamburello or other sports that could cause damages;
b) Cycling, skating, skateboarding fast are forbidden;
c) These prohibitions concern the Dreams Park, in front of the reception, too;

Art. 23

Kitchenette and veranda must be built on the side facing the street.

Art. 24

Gas cylinders must be in accordance with the EEC-legislation and put on the outer side of the veranda.

Art. 25

Electric wire must be at least m. 30 long and the customer's equipment shall be in accordance with EEC-legislation.

Art. 26

The camping guests cannot occupy the inner streets with their personal objects or equipments.

Art. 27

It’s forbidden to use the barbecue on every pitch or near every lodging:


Art. 28

It’s absolutely forbidden to damage the plants, to tie ropes or similar things to the trees’ trunks, as well to dig canals around the tent, to pour liquids on the ground or to make fires in the open air.

Art. 29

a) It’s not permitted to install enclosures or awnings, to tie or anchor objects to the plants/trees, to stretch ropes at eye level; it’s not permitted to install things that may be dangerous or may obstruct the passage;
b) It’s forbidden to tie TV antennas to the trees.

Art. 30

The laundry has to be laid out on a drying rack;

Art. 31

Rubbish must be thrown into the appropriate containers, in the separate waste collection area; the separate waste collection is compulsory.

Art. 32

Toilets facilities must be used in accordance with the instructions:
a) Laundry and dishes must be washed in the appropriate indicated sinks.
b) personal care and babies/children care must be done in the appropriate places, indicated by the signs.
c) Toilet facilities must be used in a civil manner and must be let in order;

Art. 33

The chemical toilets must be emptied into the appropriate waste disposal, at the indicated times, prior use of chemical disinfectant.

Art. 34

During the stay the pitch must be kept tidy and on the day of departure must be left clean and empty. Televisions, fridges, nets, closets, etc. not being used anymore are considered special rubbish, they cannot be left on the pitches or near the containers but must be disposed of by the owners in accordance with the legislative procedures.

Art. 35

The grey water discharge must be done using the appropriate tubes, the camping staff is authorized to remove tubes or equipments not allowed.


Art. 36

Audio devices must be dimmed and during the rest time they must be switched off. Conversations among the campers have to be toned down.

Art. 37

It’s forbidden to organize meetings, parties, etc. without previous authorization of the Management.

Art. 38

The opening hours of the reception and of other services are exposed in the respective rooms.

Art. 39

a) from 14 to 16.00 o’clock and from midnight to 7.00 o’clock the entrance gates and the parking are closed;
b) during these times it’s forbidden to drive in or out motor-vehicles, to ride bicycles, to use skates, skateboard etc;
c) it’s also forbidden to make noise that might disturb the resting of the campers;
d) It’s also forbidden assembling and dismantling tents;
e) during these times it’s forbidden to use radio’s or similar, to use the playground and the water slides in the pool, to do meetings;
f) It’s also forbidden to wash dishes and pots in the toilets facilities.


Art. 40

a) Pets are not allowed.

The camping staff is authorized to make people respect the rules and to indicate to the Management guests who don’t do it. People who don’t respect these rules will be cast out of the camping.

Animali non ammessi