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We know how to entertain our Guests

We know how to entertain our Guests

Please, raise one hand who doesn’t come to Don Antonio for being pampered, having fun, and staying healthy.

On one side we introduce you to the terrific culinary temptations of the street food, on the other we give the same importance to Fitness and Sports.

For these reasons, we organize our activities to maintain beautiful shape and create happiness in the soul.

Starting the morning with the muscular awakening is the best way to embrace the day for two reasons. First, it relaxes the full body; second, this activity is offered in a breath-taking scenario, foot on the sand, in front of lightful dawn, coming up from the calm Adriatic Sea.

At 11 o’clock, do you like diving into the Sea for the Aqua gym?

When people say – Hot High noon – we mean drinking a cocktail, caressed by a warm breeze, in the panoramic terrace of our Chalet California, looking at the marine enchantment: why don’t you try to win a free fresh drink participating at the Aperitif Game?

In the afternoon prove yourself in the Sports tournaments. Beach Volley is your favorite sport? Do you prefer beach tennis or bowls on the sand? Feel free to choose which one to practice!

If these options do not grab your attention, do not worry. Caraibic dance lessons or Zumba or Yoga is available every day.

You could decide to let yourself be pampered by the sun lying on your sunbed in order to obtain a perfect golden tan. Your bones will thank you, your charm even more.

An expert animator is at your disposal to give her unexpected beauty secrets and create face masks with natural ingredients.

What will be the appointment of the evening?

We open the night program with the lovely baby dance for children, followed by an animation great Show, and then group dancing.

Do you like our plan?

And so, we did not talk to you about AquaPark Onda Blu from km 1 to Don Antonio!

Now, you know how much we care about relaxing and fun for our Guests!

*The application of the anticovid protocol provides for an adequate reorganization of the listed appointments.

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