Street Food

Foodtruck to delight adults and children with km. 0 local specialities

At the Street Food you can find high quality food proposals every day.

In five food trucks we prepare daily local products, most of them km 0, following the traditional recipes from Abruzzo. From the handmade pasta by Stefania the Master of Pasta, who serves it with Adriatic fresh fish sauce, or with meat, following the tradition, to the Old Butcher’s Shop by Mara and Roberto, choose our selected hamburger or a Scottona’s Steak, Arrosticini, so the main characters of Abruzzo’s culinary history. Taste the amazing dishes and be pampered in an open air and informal atmosphere, under the olives tree of Don Antonio.

The Bakery offers breakfast products: cakes, croissant, coffee. Create your special sandwich choosing the ingredients you prefer, to take to the beach for a light lunch. Have a great Aperitivo with a plateful of the town’s famous cold-cuts and local wine. The Bakery is a small gastronomic market, the perfect place to buy km 0 local products. For celiacs, gluten-free packaged products are available.

Every night, and even for lunch, it is available at Pinocchio’s Pizza truck, where we serve different types of sliced pizza. Don Antonio’s pizza is highly recommended. It is topped with tomato sauce and sea fruits. Such a local delicacy. For the intolerant, upon reservation, Gluten Free pizza is available.

For the fried fish and other sea specialities lovers, the Blu Marino truck is the perfect choice. It is open every day for lunch and dinner.

During the week, for the happiness of all the Guests, we organise enogastronomic festivals, with live music. The perfect occasion to experience more local specialities, like the Chitarra spaghetti with meatballs from Teramo, or sautéed mussels and even more.

However, considering that Italian cuisine is an excellence in the world, there is no shortage of tantalizing diversifications such as the Romagna piadina, and the Sicilian arancini and cannoli.

I nostri Food Truck

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