Enjoy delicious meals based on fish and land, at a good price, near the Don Antonio Village.

In Giulianova there is an ancient tradition of seafood cuisine.

A special role is given to the appetizers, prepared in large portions, in a thousand different ways, so good that they represent an emotion for the palate. They are frequently followed by the first courses, truly exquisite, starting with hand-made pasta topped with Adriatic fruit sauces.

Equally delicious is the cuisine of the land, in a wide range of peasant and mountain recipes. Very famous are “spaghetti alla chitarra” (=handmade thin spaghetti with meatballs), “tagliatelle alla boscaiola” (=handmade pasta with mushrooms, beef meat and peas), “Timballo alla Teramana” (=the local Timbale).

Inside the Don Antonio Village, there is a street food square, where many local Abruzzo specialties are daily served. Order what you prefer, eat outdoors on the free available tables, surrounded by greenery, in a super sanitized environment.

For those aficionados of the traditional restaurant, in the surrounding area, a few hundred meters away, it is possible to enjoy delicious lunches, at a good price, with the view of the suggestive blue expanse in front of your eyes.

Among these countless delicious gastronomic places, we suggest the closest ones, specifying, however, that in the city there are many greedy proposals for all budgets.

At 150 m from the sea exit of the structure, heading north, on the cycle-pedestrian path, we find the restaurant-pizzeria da Romano. If we go towards the south, we meet the first chalets such as Dino’s and Costa Verde, those prepare recipes of squid, prawns, sea bass, mussels, clams, and so on.

To taste an excellent pizza, a few hundred meters away is Il Ragno restaurant-pizzeria.

The restaurant of the adjacent Holiday village also serves Don Antonio’s guests.

If there are celiacs in a family, you can reach in 5 minutes by bicycle Ulivo Mare in Tortoreto, which offers both a gluten-free and a traditional menu.

So, there is a succulent and generous cuisine. Take your sensitive appetite, since all the ingredients are abundantly available, including the warmth and hospitality of the locals.


Our street food does not offer fresh food for celiacs.

Our Bakery has some packaged food items.

At the nearby Oasi hypermarket, there is a wide range of packaged foods for celiacs.

Feel like a holiday?

The Don Antonio Camping Village is the ideal structure for your holiday in Abruzzo a few steps from the sea!

You can choose whether to come to camping or relax in village. You will find all solutionsfor your stay.